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Acreage Release 2018: Bight Basin

The Bight Basin is situated along Australia’s southern continental margin extending from Cape Leeuwin in the west to the Otway Basin in the east. The Ceduna Sub-basin has been the focus of renewed exploration that has resulted in the acquisition of several new seismic surveys including a regional 3D survey covering much of the 2018 Release Area. The sedimentary sequences in the sub-basin are dominated by a large deltaic system that developed during the Cretaceous and has remained one of the least explored deltaic system in the world.

Release Area S18-1, Ceduna Sub-basin, Bight Basin, South Australia


Bids close 21 March 2019

  • Shallow to ultra-deep water depths, ~150–4000 m

  • Multiple potential oil- and gas-prone source rocks

  • Marine, deltaic, fluvial and lacustrine depositional systems

  • Range of structural plays

  • Further guidance available, refer to 2018 Special Notices

Release Area S18-1, covering 171 graticular blocks, is located in the Ceduna Sub-basin of the Bight Basin. The Release Area lies in the northwestern part of the sub-basin and is approximately 190 km offshore and 820 km from Adelaide. The Potoroo 1 well is located in the northernmost part of S18-1 (Figure 1). The Release Area has excellent seismic data coverage, including extensive 2D data sets and the Ceduna 3D and Trim 3D surveys (Figure 2). 2D data is of variable vintage, but includes the closely spaced Flinders survey acquired by Woodside in 2000. The ION Geophysical BightSPAN deep 2D seismic data set covers most of the Ceduna Sub-basin. The Ceduna 3D survey, acquired by PGS for BP in 2011/12, covers much of the Release Area. There is also extensive 3D coverage adjacent to the Release Area—PGS Springboard 3D in EPP 43 to the northwest, and TGS Nerites 3D to the east.