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Dampier Sub-basin - Figure 3

Selected play types in the vicinity of the Release Area in the Dampier Sub-basin: a. Lower Cretaceous (Muderong Shale) structural/stratigraphic and Upper Triassic–Lower Jurassic (Mungaroo Formation, Athol Formation) horst and tilted fault-block plays (adapted from Ampol Exploration Limited, 1992) b. Lower Cretaceous (Angel Formation) low relief, fault modified, anticlinal play (adapted from Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty Ltd, 1996); c. Lower Jurassic (Legendre Formation) rollover anticlinal play (adapted from Apache Energy, 2005); d. Upper Triassic (Mungaroo Formation) and Lower Jurassic (Athol Formation) tilted fault-block plays with associated drapes (adapted from Apache Energy, 2008); and e. Permian (Kennedy Group) and Triassic (Locker Shale, Mungaroo Formation) fault-bounded anticlinal play (adapted from Australian Occidental Pty Ltd, 1983). See Figure 1 for well locations