Barrow Sub-basin - Figure 3

Selected play types in the vicinity of the Release Area in the Barrow Sub-basin: a) Paleogene (Maitland Sandstone) stratigraphic play (adapted from Apache Energy, 2009); b) Lower Cretaceous (Birdrong Sandstone) structural/stratigraphic play (adapted from Santos Limited, 2009) ; c) Lower Cretaceous (Barrow Group) rotated slump block and stratigraphic channel plays (adapted from Tap Oil Limited, 2005); d) Upper Jurassic (Dingo Claystone, Dupuy Formation) and Lower Cretaceous (Barrow Group) structural/stratigraphic play (adapted from Australian Occidental Pty Ltd, 1983); e) Lower Cretaceous (Leaf Sands) basin-floor fan complex stratigraphic play with a component of structural closure (adapted from Apache Energy, 2005). See Figure 1 for well locations